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Tuesday World Blog Roundup

Categories: East Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Europe, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bahrain, China, Finland, India, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, South Korea, Tunisia

Middle East:
Firas Georges of Iraq&Iraqis reflects on Iraq's future from Dubai while on his first-ever vacation outside of Iraq [1]. (Photo of Emirates Towers, Dubai, by Saudi [2])

Iraq the Model gives an English summary of a firsthand blog account [3] in Arabic about a freshly discovered mass grave.

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning describes how one family narrowly escapes tragedy [4] from a nearby car bomb.

Silly Bahraini Girl: “World Press Freedom Day My Foot… [5]

A Kuwaiti Online is concerned [6] about the bad treatment of foreign workers and residents in Kuwait.
Kuwait now has 168 blogs [7]. Go Kuwaiti bloggers!!

Central Asia:

Afghan Warrior on continued violence and an increase in Taliban attacks [8].

Blogrel tells us [9] about the thousands of poverty-stricken Armenian children who live like orphans in institutions, but who aren't actually orphans.

South Asia:
Dak Bangla on the regional arms market for Asia's forgotten wars [5].

AnarCapLip believes poverty in India is decreasing [10].

East Asia
EastSouthWestNorth (ESWN) of China asks provocatively [11]: “why does the Chinese-interested blogosphere takes such pleasure in going after the official Chinese media but ignore the lies that appear on the so-called ‘dissident’ websites?”

Japundit says that in Japan and South Korea, Greenpeace lacks relevance and credibility [12].

Finland for Thought argues about racism [13].

Black Looks talks about death from botched abortions [14] in Africa.

Subzero Blue has photos [15] of the Tunisian bloggers’ meetup.