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Monday: What the world's bloggers care about today

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Inspiration of the Day from Africa: Sn0101700_3 [1]
Comic Seriosity Balance [2] tells us about a new comic strip [3] launched by Schoolnet Namibia [4]. Called Ha Ti! or “Listen Up!”, the comic strip “spreads the word about the ways that computers and the internet can transform learners’ and teachers’ lives.” The strip is produced under a Creative Commons [5] license so anybody can use it. (via BlogAfrica [6])

More from Africa:

Sokwanele says Zimbabwe needs blood donors desperately [7].

Sudan Watch [8] points us to a powerful flash video on the genocide in Sudan by Physicians for Human Rights. (via Jewels in the Jungle [9]) Combine this with the Sudanese childrens’ pictures [10] released on Friday by Human Rights Watch and reflect on the fate of your fellow human beings.

Southern Cross of South Africa is pleased about the good news on trade [11] and farm subsidies.

Koranteng of Ghana has some music recommendations [12].
Black Looks has a good post on where to download Moroccan music [13]. (We're also thrilled to see she likes our roundups [14]!)

Central Asia:
Registan.net has some further thoughts [15] in reaction to the NYT's story [16] on possible U.S. prisoner transfer to Uzbekistan, pointing out what it characterizes as one inaccuracy and one omission in the story.

Buritos and “Takobel” in Armenia [17]? Not exactly…

In Bahrain, the Free Ahmed Blog [18] is trying to call attention to the significant number of young people who – according to the blog – get thrown in jail for hashish use, don't get due process or a speedy trial, and have their confessions “extracted under duress.”

Raed in the Middle: Baghdad Remembers Saigon [19].
Iraq the Model asks some questions [20] about mass graves and the discussion (or lack) thereof.

In Jordan, Sabbah's Blog argues that CNN and NYT are biased [21].

Kuwaiti bloggers are organizing their fifth meetup [22].

East Asia:
Isaac Mao continues to wonder [23] why Skype is blocked in Shanghai, with some interesting theories from various people.

ESWN reports that Hong Kong bloggers feel misunderstood [24].

Southeast Asia:
Jeff Ooi reports on Taxpayers’ Day [25] and wonders where the money is really going.

South Asia
United we Blog reports on the joy [26] of getting your mobile phone service back after having it cut off by the government for 3 months.

Finland for Thought reports on a procreation strike [27].

In Italy, Luca DeBaise asks how to believe Americans [28] and has some thoughts about the new Pope.