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“Theory of Everything” focuses on Global Voices

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Ben Walker's “Theory of Everthing” radio show is getting love from all over the blogosphere – Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing has favorably compared it to Ira Glass's excellent This American Life, one of the best programs available on American radio.

Ben's latest show, available for download as an mp3, was prepared as part of the 2005 Public Radio Collaboration, a broad effort to encourage public radio producers to produce a set of programs on a theme – this year, “globalization” – which will air on US public radio stations from May 16th – 22nd. Ben looks at whether the “global internet” is really global, and features several Global Voices contributors – Isaac, Jeff, Ory, Hossein, Rebecca and me – talking about ways the Internet can help make the world more globally interested. The piece finishes with an extended interview with Isaac, who talks in detail about internet filtering and censorship in China.

It's a great opportunity to hear the voices of some of the people working on Global Voices. And if you're a US reader, please consider calling your local public radio station and asking them to air Theory of Everything – available from The Public Radio Exchange – during the Public Radio Collaboration week.