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New faces in the bridgeblog index

Categories: Announcements, Blogger Profiles

I was recently introduced to the concept of “wiki gardeners”, people who tend wikis, cutting away spam, fixing formatting and grammar, and generally tidying up the place. I just spent a few hours on the BridgeBlog Index, and I'm struck by what a good metaphor gardening is. We “planted” the idea of the BridgeBlog index a few months ago, and every few days, someone new visits and adds blogs from a different corner of the world.

Some lists of blogs that have “sprouted” recently:

  • Ndesanjo Macha, the author of Jikomboe (in Swahili) and Digital Africa has posted a long list of Tanzanian blogs, mostly in Swahili. We're trying to talk him into doing a periodic roundup, ala Ory, of the Swahili blogosphere.
  • There's tons of blogging going on in Bahrain – in a country of only 670,000 people, some measurable percentage of the population seems to have a weblog. Especially worth checking out – Chan'ad Bahraini, and Babbling Bahrania.
  • Lots of new links for Turkey, many in Turkish, but one or two in English, including the excellent Turkish Torque.
  • The Tunisian blogosphere is bustling, with active blogs in English, Arabic and French. Subzero Blue, one of Tunisia's alpha bloggers, is organizing the first Tunisian blogger meetup in Tunis on April 24th – looking forward to hearing all about it.

    There are also new blogs posted in Singapore, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Ghana – check them out!

    While the wiki is growing well, it could use your help. If you know about a set of bridgebloggers anywhere in the world, please take a moment to either enter them into the wiki yourself, or mail them to me, if you're wiki averse (ethanz AT gmail DOT com). Or post them in the comments to this post.