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Kenyan Blogosphere round-up

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Citizen Media

The Nairobi Skyline

I've been thinking about doing a weekly or bi-monthly highlight of what's going on in Kenyan blogs for a while now, especially since the number of Kenyan blogs has been steadily on the rise over the last few months. Thanks to some prodding from Ethan, here's my first attempt.

Bankelele [1] goes on a working retreat [2], gets all refreshed, and lets us know why its good to be a Cabinet Minister in Kenya.

Nicholas G. [3] is looking for a challenge [4].

Soulsystah is not feeling Michuki's (Minister in charge of internal security) shoot-to-kill order [5]. Neither am I. The Kenyan Police have already developed a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later (sometimes killing innocent victims in the process). How about focusing on clamping down on the entry of small arms into the country, on ensuring the criminals don't get off scot-free due to corruption, on or tracking down the rogue current and former members of the police who seem to be behind many of these high profile crimes?

100 things about Magaidi.

Ashok at his story-telling best [6].

Guessaurus would like to know what's in a name [7]. The rapper Kanye West, apparently claims that Kanye means “the only one” in Swahili, I was laughing along with Guessaurus on this one.

Adrian tries to figure out what role Kenyans in the diaspora can play when they move back home.

Thinker is on a business trip in Uganda, and is perplexed by the large expat community [8]and the fact that his presence seems to perplex them.

4Shezzy reflects on the Pope's passing [9].