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Internet, Democracy & Terrorism

Categories: Western Europe, Spain, Governance, Human Rights, Technology, War & Conflict

Logoen [1]

Ethan Z [2] and I (among others) are Madrid now, at the Safe Democracy [1] conference, where people from around the world have gathered to discuss how you fight terrorism without destroying democracy. See some news coverage here [3], here [4] and here [5]. Joi Ito [6] has organized a workshop focusing on internet issues. As one participant just asked: How do you save the internet without destroying it? How do you continue to protect privacy and political dissent? Joi points out that anonymity must be defended, despite the belief of some that all internet users should be identifiable. Others are talking about the delicate balance between privacy and security concerns. How do you find the right balance?

There's a lively IRC chat on freenode at: #madridopendemo.