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Daniel Lubetzky of the Onevoice Movement [1] – a citizens’ initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace – has launched the Onevoice Blog [2]. He says in an email: “We want the blog to become a major destination for all those that want to know what is really happening on Israeli and Palestinian ground so we will start unveiling some big news here before we even release them to the media.”

In a blog entry titled What does this mean to me? [3] Daniel writes:

Serious prospects for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace are
surfacing, and they could not come at a more important time, given the
threats and challenges mounting to civilization on other fronts. But
history shows us that precisely when things start looking promising,
moderates tune out and extremists passionately derail the hopes for
reconciliation. It behooves all concerned citizens to do their part.
Everyone can and must join as OneVoice against violent extremism and
militant absolutism. Encourage others to join the movement (as a
member, a citizen negotiator, or a contributor): www.OneVoiceMovement.org [4].

Please check it out and put the Onevoice blog in your aggregator.