· June, 2012

Stories about Spain from June, 2012

Spain: Crowdfunding Against the Impunity of the Banks

  7 June 2012

In view of the indifference of the government and the district attorney’s office to investigate the management of Bankia by it's ex chairman, Rodrigo Rato, people in Spain raised money from donations to submit a complaint before the court. In 24 hours, more than the €15, 000 (Euros) of the required funds were raised, resulting in the collapse for a few hours of the crowdfunding website.

Spain: “Occupying” the Banks on the Street and the Net

  6 June 2012

The bailout of Bankia could cost 23,000 million euros but the governing politicians and the managers of Bankia do not seem interested in holding those responsible accountable. In the face of this, the Spanish people have taken matters into their own hands. Since the crisis began, popular initiatives have flourished both digitally and on the streets.

Spain: “Wanted: The Ones Responsible for the Crisis”

  1 June 2012

Following the departure of Rodrigo Rato as chairman of the financial institution Bankia, with over a million euros in indemnity payments and without any kind of explanation as to why the bank has ended up in its current state, groups of activists linked to the 15M movement have created a digital platform with the aim of making the people responsible for the crisis accountable.