· July, 2011

Stories about Portugal from July, 2011

Portugal: Research on Literacy, Media and Citizenship

  11 July 2011

The Research Center on Communication and Society from the University of Minho, in Portugal, has made available for download the proceedings of the First National Congress on Literacy, Media and Society. Among more than sixty papers on several topics, there is one dedicated to “Perspectives on info-exclusion in the lusophone...

The Disputed Reputation of Portugal's Former Political Police Chief

  8 July 2011

Major Silva Pais, the last director of Portugal's repressive PIDE police force - operative during the country's “New State” period - has been implicated in a play, in the 1965 assassination of democratic opposition politician General Humberto Delgado. A controversial criminal case is underway by Pais' nephews against the play's author and the directors who staged it.