· June, 2014

Stories about Western Europe from June, 2014

Ideological Clichés Among Republic Supporters

  4 June 2014

Paco Prieto writes [es] on La vida como yo la veo [Life as I see it] about religion, politics and freedom after reading some tweets criticizing the presence and looks of some individuals at the rallies for republic after abdication by Juan Carlos, King of Spain. No entiendo tantas cosas...

Waiting for the New King in Spain

  4 June 2014

Elisa Rodríguez from ISIS 3.0 writes [es] about the abdication by King Juan Carlos of Spain and she says that in spite of the demands of a Republic on Twitter and on the streets, there will be a new king: todo parece indicar que en breve tendremos nuevo rey: Felipe...

Other Abdications in Spanish History

  4 June 2014

In relation to the abdicaton announced by Juan Carlos, King of Spain, Adrián Yánez recalls history [es] and other abdications in the Spanish kingdom: Carlos I era el nieto de los Reyes Católicos. Fue el hombre más poderoso de su época y en 1556 decidió abdicar. Dejó a su hijo...

Would the Republic Have a Yes in Referendum in Spain?

  4 June 2014

On Lo que me pasa por la cabeza [What goes around in my head], Elena Padrones analyzes [es] King Juan Carlos of Spain abdication, and all that has to happen to make it real in the next days. Then she concludes: hay muchísimas personas que no están dispuestas a aceptar...

The King of Spain Abdicates, Claims to Install the Third Republic Emerge

  2 June 2014

Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, publicly announced on June 2, 2014, his decision to abdicate in favor of his son Felipe, current Prince of Asturias. Although most of the reactions [es] from the Spanish political class acknowledges and praises Juan Carlos’ actions during his period as king, there is...

Reusing Tin Cans

  1 June 2014

Would you like to know how to reuse tin cans? Rut de Esturirafi explains [es] how to make out of them very decorative vases for flowers, with photos to make the explanation easier. This post was part of the fourth #LunesDeBlogsGV [Monday of blogs on GV] on May 26, 2014.

“Life is a Dream and we can Live With Illusion”

  1 June 2014

Carlos Mora reflects [es] on elbikramyoga about yoga, philosphy, elections and life in general: Ayer había Elecciones Europeas y yo voté con ilusión por primera vez en muchos años. Soy rebelde y utópico por naturaleza, no puedo evitar tener sueños y querer cambiar las cosas que no me gustan. No...

Real Madrid Football Club and their Tenth UEFA Cup

  1 June 2014

Rogelio Vieto writes [es] on his self named blog about the UEFAChampions League that won Real Madrid Football Club: ¿Pero realmente que significa esta dècima copa de europa? – Es el desahogo de cientos de madridistas a nivel mundial muchas veces humillados por equipos de menor presupuesto, pero quien se...