· June, 2008

Stories about Western Europe from June, 2008

Saudi Arabia: The Hijab and France

France banned students in its schools from wearing any religious symbols and dress denoting religious affiliations - including the Islamic headscarf or the Hijab for women - in 2004. Saudi woman are now protesting against the ruling, say bloggers.

Do not let poverty become the landscape

  10 June 2008

Kianda (from Angola) and Khanimambo! (from Brazil) are some of the blogs participating in an across-borders blog campaign: “Do not let poverty become the landscape”, conceived by Isto inclui-me (This Includes Me, from Portugal) [pt – all links].

Mobile Phone Technology for Environmental Activism

  5 June 2008

Mobile phones are becoming an important tool for environmental activists around the world. Activists are developing new technological strategies in order to do things like educate consumers about the impact of purchasing decisions, monitor wildlife and polution levels, and advocate for the protection of forests. A report from the United...

Muslim Couple in French Court

  4 June 2008

Shaheen draws our attention to a court case between a Muslim couple in a French court in this post. The court annulled their marriage because the Muslim-born wife misled her husband and wasn't a virgin.