· November, 2006

Stories about Western Europe from November, 2006

Trinidad & Tobago: jointpop in London

  13 November 2006

Jonathan Ali sits in Trinidad and thinks about jointpop, “the greatest rock band my island has ever produced,” about to start playing at their first gig of their UK tour: “I want to be there to see what these people who are not Trinidadian, who do not know us, will...

The DW Best of Blogs Awards

  12 November 2006

Had I not read Hoder's blog today I would have definitely missed the Deutsche Welle Best of the Blogs awards 2006 ceremony held in the Museum for Communication Berlin a few hours ago. I knew about the awards but I was unaware of the time and place and whether it...

Congo, France: Prix Renaudot Awarded to Alain Mabanckou

  11 November 2006

Sanaga Peregrinations announces (Fr) that the prestigious literary Renaudot Prize was awarded to Congolese novelist Alain Mabanckou for his novel Memoires de Porc-Epic [Porcupine Memories]. Explains the blog: “Fine storyteller, Mabanckou takes the voice of a porcupine who confides in his friend the baobab and tells him of his life...

Niger, France: Debt Relief Activist Arrested and Released

  11 November 2006

On Thursday, Le Pangolin posted that (Fr) Claude Quemar, Secretary of CADTM France [Committee for the Cancellation of Third World Debt] was arrested in Niger presumably for participating in the Niger Social Forum. Today the blog announces that the activist was released last night but with “obligation to leave Niger...

Russia: “The Abduction of Europa”

  1 November 2006

LJ user kuzma-diary – Alexei Zimin, editor-in-chief of Afisha-Mir travel magazine, former editor-in-chief of GQ‘s Russian edition – reports (RUS): The Abduction of Europa Afisha-Mir magazine has been receiving alarming signals. It appears as if consulates of European countries are using the slightest pretext this fall to refuse issuing [Schengen...