· November, 2005

Stories about Zimbabwe from November, 2005

Harare Diary

4 November 2005

Harare Diary reports on the continued negative affects of Mugabe's Operation Murambatsvina. “So many small income-generating activities remain brutally suppressed. Homes still lay broken. So-called “proper” housing promised by the government is nowhere in sight. And still these malicious politicians continue to hound poor people who are just trying to...

Zimbabwe: First lady indiscretions

3 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit has a “light relief” report from Zimbabwe. “Deposed first bodyguard accuses first lady of infidelity”. The bodyguard, Winston Changara, claims he was removed to stop the President from finding out about his wife's affairs with other men.

Zimbabwe: evicted rebuild homes

3 November 2005

Zimbabwean blog, The Bearded Man, has four reports including – the break up of MDC could aid Mugabe in creating a one party state; the evicted poor are slowly attempting to rebuild their homes. “So what if the people of Zimbabwe, displaced by Operation Murambatsvina are attempting to rebuild their...

Zimbabwe: refusal of aid

2 November 2005

Mugabe Makaipa reports that UN Secretary, Kofi Annan is “concerned over Mugabe's refusal to accept aid. “Annan made a “strong appeal to the government of Zimbabwe to ensure that those who are out in the open, without shelter and without means of sustaining their livelihoods, are provided with humanitarian assistance...

Africa: islands of enlightenment

1 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit guest writer, Eddie Cross asks whether African is going through a period similar to the European “Dark Ages”. However he states that despite the poverty and decay the continent is experiencing there are “islands of englightenment”. “You can find such places by visiting our private schools where dedicated...