· December, 2010

Stories about Zambia from December, 2010

Zambia: Tina Banda, The Facebook Agony Aunt

  29 December 2010

To many people Facebook is a tool to announce what they are doing or what they have done, yet to some Zambians, it is being used as ‘Agony Aunt’ from which they are seeking advice on many social problems affecting them.

Zambia: 1964 Independence Agreement Threatens to Split Nation

  23 December 2010

Zambia has in recent weeks been faced with clamours of secession by one of its regions with which it merged at independence from Britain in October 1964 to form a unitary state. The region now known as Western Province (formerly Barotseland) was an autonomous region before independence headed by the Litunga, king of the Lozi people.

Zambia: Citizens discuss ex-president's wife acquittal

  9 December 2010

Zambia’s second president Frederick Chiluba’s wife, Regina, who was last March sentenced to three and half years imprisonment by the lower magistrates court on five counts of failing to account for properties suspected to have been stolen, has been acquitted by the High Court. Mrs Chiluba’s acquittal has attracted a number of comments in two leading Zambian citizen media websites.

Zambia: Christmas Art and Design Show a Success

  8 December 2010

Christmas Art and Design Show took place in Lusaka, Zambia last Sunday: “Never had Lusaka seen anything quite like it! Sunday December 5 dawned grey and cloudy in Lusaka. Undeterred the exhibitors at the Christmas Art and Design Show began putting the finishing touches to their stands.”

Africa: SABMiller, Schtop Tax Dodging

  2 December 2010

ActionAid published a report on Monday exposing how international corporations dodge millions in taxes all over Africa. The report found that SABMiller has avoided paying an estimated £20m in taxes. ActionAid has launched a campaign (‘Schtop’) to encourage more accountability and transparency.