· August, 2007

Stories about Sierra Leone from August, 2007

Sierra Leone: Blogging the Elections

  31 August 2007

Sierra Leone held its presidential and parliamentary elections on August 11, 2007. The exercise marked a peaceful transition to democracy after years of civil war. None of the presidential candidates won at least 55% to prevent a run-off, which is set for September 8th, 2007. Now on to the Sierra Leone Blogosphere to see what bloggers have had to say about the process...

Sierra Leone: Early election results in Sierra Leone

  22 August 2007

Results to be announced soon. Here are the early results: “93% of the of polling stations have reported their results APC (All People’s Congress) is ahead at 44%, SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) follows close behind at 38%. This is not a huge surprise I guess; everyone expected these two...

Sierra Leone: Election update

  16 August 2007

Sierra Leone election update: “If you don't know by now let me be the first to say that THERE WILL BE A RUN OFF….No political party will be able to get 55% of the votes in this first round. Also there are many of my friends in the diaspora who...

Sierra Leone: frustrated voters

  15 August 2007

Voters in Freetown, Sierra Leone, were like frustrated dancers: “If the frustrated dancer is not given the floor or if the rules of the dancing competition were changed immediately to pose unexpected challenges for him, then this anxious dancer can return home a permanently frustrated man.”

Sierra Leone: election update

  15 August 2007

Sierra Leone election update: “Pre-Elections Last Week, the first ever presidential debates were held in Freetown at Lagoonda Entertainment Complex and this young wannabe scored tickets curtesy of a friend with the BBC. All parties were represented at the Debate besides the SLPP….Berewa refused to attend the debate because as...

Sierra Leone: facts about Sierra Leone elections

  12 August 2007

Facts about the Sierra Leone elections: * More than half of the voters are under 35 years old. * There are 7 presediential contenders. * There are 566 parliamentary candidates for 112 parliamentary seats. * Ballots have been transported by trucks, canoes and porters to some 6,176 polling stations in...

Sierra Leone: post-election day

  12 August 2007

Post-election day in Sierra Leone: “Sunday, August 12. remained quiet overnight which means that we no longer have a curfew. So this morning I went to church with a couple of others. I love the church I go to now- it feels like home. Amazing pastor, friendly people, beautiful surroundings....