· July, 2007

Stories about Sierra Leone from July, 2007

Sierra Leone: support for main challenger in Sierra Leone elections

  24 July 2007

Election campaigns are underway in Sierra Leone: “The Revolutionary United Front Party, the political offshoot of the primary rebel group in Sierra Leone’s civil war, threw its support behind the All Peoples Congress (APC) on Thursday. Party leader Samuel Gbassay Kanu said his party has come to realize that it...

Africa: women's rights in Africa

  13 July 2007

Black Looks explores the old and new state of women's rights in Africa: “In Kenya the abortion debate went public when a mock tribunal was supposed to be held with 4 women telling their personal stories. Although anti-abortion activists managed to stop the debate the Vice President has come out...

Congratulations, Rising Voices Grantees

  4 July 2007

We are thrilled to announce the first five citizen media outreach projects to receive Rising Voices microgrants. In total we received 142 project proposals from over 40 different countries. What all of the project proposals have in common is a desire to enable their communities to tell their own stories, to write their own first draft of history, to document their traditions and culture before they are washed away by the tides of globalization.

Sierra Leone: Don't play with hungry man's rice during election season

  3 July 2007

Read all about Gaddafi's visit to Sierra Leone and the truth about the rice that may have cost the Sierra Leone government the electoral campaign: “The past week in Sierra Leone has been incredibly interesting and somewhat chaotic. As you probably now know, Libya’s Gaddafi rode into town via Conakry...