· May, 2007

Stories about Sierra Leone from May, 2007

Sierra Leone: State Led Prostitution, Diamond Tales, And More

  29 May 2007

After three years of peace following eleven years of civil war, Sierra Leone is engaged in concerted efforts to attract investors. The efforts, which are led by the the government of Sierra Leone and the the Department of International Development in the UK, involve a campaign, Sierra Leone: Back in Business. Sierra Leone, like many other African countries, is guilty of "state led prostitution" in its attempts to bring investors back into the country, argues Sweet Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone: East vs. West Music Competition

  16 May 2007

Live From Freetown posts more videos from Sierra Leone's East vs. West Music Competition: “I’ve been trying to upload this to YouTube forever, but our bad internet connection got into the way. This morning: great success! Click to see the video.”

Sierra Leone: elections will be delayed for two weeks

  7 May 2007

The National Electoral Commission in Sierra Leone has announced that elections will be delayed for two weeks. Sweet Sierra Leone hopes that the delay is not a political strategy by the ruling party: “But what does this postponement mean to the political parties. Can two weeks make a difference to...