· November, 2006

Stories about Reunion from November, 2006

Reunion: Sarkozy and Nassimah Dindar

  26 November 2006

Pierrot Dupuy writes (Fr): “I am learning from different sources, some of which are close Parisian relations of [French Interior Minister] Nicolas Sarkozy, that if he is elected President, he will offer a minister job to Nassimah Dindar … Is the best way to avoid Nassimah the minister for Sarkozy...

Reunion: “Our Creole Stolen By a Guadeloupean”

  17 November 2006

Blogger Pierrot Dupuy laments (Fr) that Reunion will be represented by a Reunion-based Guadeloupean professor at an International Creole Festival taking place in Mauritius from December 1st to 3rd. Adds the blogger, the Festival will feature: “a culinary festival, a conference on Creolity and a mega concert featuring Zouk Machine,...

La Reunion: Controversial President

  8 November 2006

La Reunion is an overseas department of France situated in the Indian Ocean. Of the department's President, Nassimah Dindar, blogger Pierrot Dupuy writes that (Fr): “she is capable of cynicism and has a propensity for sitting on rules and laws.” He then relates anecdotes that illustrate his point.

Indian Ocean: Bloggers Feel Connected to the World Through Global Voices

  5 November 2006

‘Bloggers of relatively remote countries in the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar and La Reunion have noticed recent GV articles on their blogospheres and expressed enthusiasm about GV's work and about the spotlight on their countries. ‘Proof that We Can Make a Difference’ France-based Malagasy blogger Harinjaka noticed Global Voices’...

Reunion: Moslems and Music

  3 November 2006

Zarabes.info, the blog of the moslem community in La Reunion, rounds up (Fr) various recent articles about moslems and music and asks: “What is the real relationship between Reunion moslems and music? What will happen during Sharukh Khan's next concert?”