Stories about Reunion from October, 2006

Reunion: Blogging to Decrease Elected Official Impunity

  21 October 2006

Prolific Reunion blogger Pierrot Dupuy is happy to see a proliferation in his mostly local audience (Fr): “We beat our last record [in the number of hits] yesterday … by more than 17%! … I am happy to know that you are thousands to read the blog every day and...

Reunion: Diagonale des Fous

  15 October 2006

LSZ Blog describes (Fr) La Diagonale des Fous, [Diagonal of the Crazies] an annual hike across the local volcano. He explains that every year “they assemble in a small town in the southeast of the island, with the obsessive idea of reaching the other side of the island as fast...

Reunion: Still Smoking

  15 October 2006

Pierrot Dupuy laments (Fr) that despite a tactical 30 cent increase in cigarette prices, cigarette consumption in Reunion has not decreased. He concludes: “Since the stated goal of the hike was to lower consumption, we have to admit that the powers that be have failed.”

Reunion: 15 minutes of Fame on Global Voices

  12 October 2006

About Global Voices’ recent article on the Reunion blogosphere, Reunion Permanente writes (Fr):”The event of the year is obviously the 15 minutes of fame of Reunion's blogosphere on the American participative journalism site GlobalVoices: not to be missed.”

Reunion: Chikungunya Plagiarism

  12 October 2006

Scientist blogger LSZ Blog complains (Fr) about the widespread non-attributed reproduction of litteral portions of an article he recently posted on his blog about chikungunya fever. His unattributed work has appeared on other websites but also in an article by Reunion colleagues in a scientific print publication. He has written...