· September, 2006

Stories about Reunion from September, 2006

Africa: renewable technologies

  28 September 2006

Africa Unchained writes, “Karekezi, S…surveys (PDF) the dissemination of renewable technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa…and attempts to evaluate the potential for these technologies to meet the energy needs of Africa’s poor…“

Reunion: Tsunami Predictions

  26 September 2006

Dijoux.Re writes (Fr): “Scientific experts gathered on our island for a seminar on natural disasters. According to them, Reunion is not immune to the possibility of a devastating tsunami with gigantic 100 meter waves. After chikungunya, let's hope that this theory will not scare even more tourists away.”

Africa: Moving on from the digital indaba

  25 September 2006

Meskel Square on “Moving on from the Digital Indaba“: “Overall it was a huge success. One way of judging that is to look at all the discussions that are still carrying on in posts and comments and Technorati links. The discussions started with the race debate which I now wish...

Reunion: Urban Health

  21 September 2006

Blogger and public official for the town of Saint-Andre Eric Fruteau posts an interview regarding the proposal that Reunion join “Ville en Sante”, a WHO urban health project. Stephanie Longeras, the interviewee, explained to the blogger that (Fr): “We want to foster the sanitary development of all of La Reunion's...

Reunion: Ambroise Vollard in Slate.com

  21 September 2006

Reunion-USA2 is excited about coverage of La Reunion celebrity Ambroise Vollard by Slate.com (Fr): “Ambroise Vollard was born in La Reunion in 1866. He is one of our celebrities. A museum took his name in St Denis. Slate features a photo report about him this week. (This patron of the...

Reunion: On Bisexuality

  21 September 2006

About the topic of bisexuality, Resh4Ever writes (Fr):”Today bisexuality is talked about as if it was still a taboo of Western society, but in 10 years I'm pretty sure that everyone will want to talk about their first bisexual experience.”

Reunion: Mosquito Eradication

  14 September 2006

Pierrot Dupuy wonders (Fr) why mosquito eradication to help fight the Chikungunya epidemic in La Reunion is not done like in Camargue on mainland France, i.e. by air. It would beat the current manual by-land model which he adds, is an onerous “sweating exercise” for the heavily costumed workers who...

Five years on from 9/11, the world remembers

  12 September 2006

The mainstream media in many countries have been preoccupied with events in the United States to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001. But the repercussions of these events have spread across the globe and people far beyond New York...

La Reunion, USA: Pondering American Employment Trends

  12 September 2006

US-based La Reunion-origined blogger Sandy of Reunion-USA2 posts several cartoons illustrating that (Fr): “In the USA, the cost of living is so high that only a minority of lucky ones can afford to work only one job. Case in point, these two cartoons explaining that having multiple jobs has become...

Reunion: Actively Blogging

  10 September 2006

Alongside the Democratic Republic of Congo, Reunion a French Overseas Department located in the Indian Ocean to the East of Africa has one of the most active blogospheres in the francophone world. Its portal Reunion Permanente either explains the bustling activity or illustrates it. The portal even keeps track of...

Reunion Is Waiting for You

  5 September 2006

Reunion Passion announces (Fr) that an exhibit is taking place in Paris September 12 and 13 to relaunch Reunion as a tourism destination entitled: “Reunion is Waiting for You.” Reunion's tourism industry was dealt a blow by an ongoing Chikungunya fever outburst.

Reunion: More on Volcano Eruption

  1 September 2006

Of the latest eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion's volcano, Dijoux.re writes (Fr): “This eruption is a surprise because it was not predicted by specialists who only recorded the first quakes an hour and a half before the lava flow. (…) According to the observatory, this sudden eruption...