· July, 2006

Stories about Reunion from July, 2006

Reunion, USA: From Maryland to Florida

  30 July 2006

US-based Reunion-born blogger Reunion-USA2 discovers (Fr) cultural differences between Maryland and Florida:”My husband is happy in Florida: no more politically correct here! When he goes out with colleagues, they all drink beer –in Maryland, nobody drank during work hours so as not to be labeled a drunk. Yesterday they had...

France, DOM-TOM: Victory against housing discrimination

  26 July 2006

Reunion-based Pierrot Dupuy, himself the father of a victim of housing discrimination in France announces (Fr) advocacy group CollectifDOM’s legal victory in the area of housing discrimination against French citizens from the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM) living in France. From here on, landlords can no longer ask for...

Reunion: Moslem Community Rallying Cry

Zarabes writes (Fr): “We members of the moslem community of la Reunion, are watching powerless the current events in Palestine and Lebanon. Tired of the ambiant silence, we ask the various heads of the island's masjids to hold a common discourse next Friday (July 28, 2006) for the salat of...

Reunion: Volcano Eruption

  21 July 2006

From Reunion, Jean-Paul at Dijoux.re writes (Fr):”It is the first eruption of the year. Of the two lava flows registered at the beginning of the eruption, one stopped and the other has diminished. The awful weather (i.e. the cold, the rain and the fog) is not making for a scenic...

Reunion: Volcano Eruption

  21 July 2006

Reunion Passion writes (Fr): “Le Piton de la Fournaise started erupting at the end of the night of July 20 at 4 am. According to information from the volcano observatory, the eruption took place at the volcano's summit, near the Bory crater.”

French-Speaking Bloggers on Rabat Conference on Migration

What Will the Conference Bring? Says France-based African blogger Le Pangolin, Du 10 au 11 juillet 2006, s'est tenue à Rabat au Maroc, la première rencontre interministérielle euro-africaine sur les problèmes des migrations entre ces deux continents.Elle a regroupé 57 pays africains et européens et certaines organisations humanitaires qui se...

France: The Beginnings of Affirmative Action

  19 July 2006

Says (Fr) France-based Senegalese blogger Seckasysteme about the allegedly affirmative-action induced hiring and debut of Black French newsanchor Harry Roselmack on French national television: “Roselmack's (…) professional competence and the recognition he has earned from his peers is so obvious that even the detractors of affirmative action are starting to...

Reunion: International Procrastination Day

  17 July 2006

LSZ Blog celebrated International Procrastination Day (yesterday July 16) by… procrastinating. He wrote (Fr): “I was thinking of writing a great article on procrastination but today is Sunday, not a good day to write an informative article on the subject. Maybe tomorrow…”

Reunion: chikungunya and environment

  11 July 2006

Says Dijoux.re regarding (Fr) the chikungunya epidemic plaguing Reunion, “the impact study of the effect of the measures taken to fight the virus on the environment showed that large scale treatments did not have harmful consequences on the land and water fauna of the island.”

Reunion: Potential Volcanic Eruption

  6 July 2006

According to (Fr) Dijoux.re, Reunion's “volcano has been grumbling lately and local government has decided to put in place a plan of vigilence. An eruption is possible in the days and weeks to come. The last activity dates from December 2005.”

French DOMs: Petition to Nominate Cesaire for Nobel Prize

  6 July 2006

Reunion's Max Belvisee announces (Fr) that a petition is circulating to nominate Martinique's Aime Cesaire for a Nobel Peace Prize. (Aime Cesaire is one of the founders of Negritude, a francophone literary movement and the current mayor of Fort-de-France, Martinique's capital.)

Africa: Lessons Learned from Mittal Steel

  5 July 2006

Lessons drawn by Le Pangolin from the recent acquisition by Indian-owned steel company Mittal Steel of European-owned Arcelor (Fr): ” Economic actors of developing countries can really change the world if they are so inclined. (…) The West is not invincible.”

French DOM/TOMs: Sarkozy-Led Convention

  4 July 2006

Jean-Claude Halley from Guadeloupe Attitude posts (Fr) an invitation to an upcoming convention on the issues of French overseas departments and territories (a.k.a. DOM/TOMs) organized by controversial French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his UMP party. The invitation enumerates issues faced by the DOMs including unemployment, discrimination, social tensions, inadequate...

Africa: Is Homosexuality a Religion?

  2 July 2006

France-based Togolese Blogger Kangni Alem reflected on homosexuality in Africa recently. Namely, he tackled claims by some on the continent that homosexuality is a heretic religion. In the process, he mentioned recent “outings” of public figures. A debate ensued that involved Martinique's lesbian blogger Le Blog de [Moi] who'd read...

Reunion: Chikungunya Update

  1 July 2006

In a weekly news roundup, Dijoux.re writes (Fr): “Chikungunya is still a worry and the island counted 600 patients last week. Authorities are adopting a new protocol of reinforced vigilance. This despite the fact that the winter is here with temperatures in obvious decline this week.” If that is any...