· April, 2006

Stories about Republic of Congo from April, 2006

Rep. of Congo: Activists Free At Last

  30 April 2006

Le Pangolin celebrates (FR) the liberation of human rights activists Mounzeo Christian and Brice Massoko. But the blogger cautions vigilance because “they are not yet completely free to go about .” He adds: “dictators are afraid of publicity regarding their ugly ways. Since they like to act as saints, we...

Rep. of Congo: Campaign to Release Two Political Prisoners

  19 April 2006

At Le Pangolin , Musi Kanda calls (FR) for a letter faxing drive to President Denis Sassou N'Guesso to demand the release of Christian Mounzéo and Brice Mackosso, two human rights activists he says are being detained on fake charges. Mr. Kanda is outraged by the lack of activism on...

Africa: European Double Standards on Corruption

  16 April 2006

While the EU prepares to impose sanctions on Bielorussian authorities who allegedly committed election fraud, says (FR) Generation Consciente, “numerous African dictators [who commit election fraud…] consistently visit Europe without difficulty while freely managing their personal affairs[…].”