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Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from September, 2007

Africa: The challenge of non-profit incubation

  12 September 2007

Ethan writes about the Kamusi Project: “Evidently, Kamusi has had a conflict with Yale, which hosted the project. According to the Kamusi website, the project “has been ordered to remove all links to the sites that the project has relied on to raise revenue for project maintenance and improvement.”

Bloggers on the Ethiopian Millennium

  12 September 2007

On September 11 2007, or 1 Meskerem 2000, Ethiopia entered in its third millennium in accordance with the Ethiopian calendar, which is about seven years behind the Gregorian calendar. Ethiopian bloggers have devoted a great deal of attention to the event.

Introducing Global Voices in Malagasy

  12 September 2007

The Malagasy language is spoken by 17 million people, and is the national language of Madagascar. It is only the 55th most spoken language in the world, but it is still one of the 69 macro languages. Welcome to the latest new Global Voices language in the Lingua translation project. With the Global Voices amin’ny teny Malagasy project we hope to reach even more previously "unheard" voices.

Niger: The Yellowcake Conspiracy

  12 September 2007

The Yellowcake Conspiracy is an African spy thriller for 11 to 14 year-old boys: “The Yellowcake Conspiracy is about a group of malcontent Tuareg fighters mounting a ‘second rebellion’ in Niger under the leadership of a man known only as ‘the Teacher’ (the first rebellion ended back in 1995).”

South Africa: Columnists are “dinosaur bloggers”

  12 September 2007

Rebecca Wanjiku writes about columnists vs. bloggers debate at the Highway Africa conference: The discussion was spiced up by the presence of Freddy Khumalo, a columnist who thinks bloggers are not necessarily journalists/columnists and Vincent Maher, who is of the opinion that newspaper columnists are “dinosaur bloggers.”

Africa: Cyber-activism and its legal implications

  12 September 2007

Arthur Chatora reports about a lecture on cyber-activism and legal lessons presented at the Digital Citizen Indaba: “The example of the South African “male prostitute” who anonymously blogged and claimed “he” had sex with 50 so-called clients is an interesting case study of cyber-activism and its legal implications.”

Swahili Blogosphere: Debating race and national identity

  11 September 2007

Richa is a Tanzanian of Indian descent. She was recently declared the winner of Miss Vodacom 2007. Her victory has attracted criticism from some members of public and has ignited a debate about national identity in the Swahili blogosphere.

Africa: Who owns the African blogosphere?

  11 September 2007

Daudi Were asks, “who owns the African blogosphere?”: “In my opinion the internet is a space through which discussion takes place and blogs are the tool through which we utilise that space for discussion. In other words this space we have carved on the internet is our land and bloggers...

Africa: Africans need to “villagize” the Internet

  11 September 2007

Despite advances in information and communication technologies, rural stories in Africa remain untold: “Ngurumo told the Indaba that Africa has to “villagize” the internet and make sure that people in the rural areas blog, podcast and tell their stories to the world.”

Sassou's postcard from the Riviera

  10 September 2007

Vous reprendrez bien un peu d'humanisme reposts a satirical “postcard” by MwindaPress from the Congolese president to his people about all the fun he's having in France and Spain: “We found ourselves in good company, a lot of whites, a lot of businessmen who swear by my greatness, my good...

Ugandan bloggers reminisce

  10 September 2007

For the blogren, this has been the week to remember their childhoods. Their posts — touching, witty, inspiring — give insight into the diversity of Ugandan youth.

Kenya: MPs approve Kshs 1.5 million allowance

  10 September 2007

Mzalendo reports about Kshs 1.5 million allowance for Kenyan MPs: “It was a celebratory week for Members of Parliament after they voted to have each of them take home KShs 1.5 million at the end of the life of the current Parliament.”

Africa: Where are the African bloggers?

  10 September 2007

White African discusses the BoB awards: “When it comes to how Africa is portrayed on the web, we are partly responsible for what the rest of the world sees. We have no right to be upset when Africa is excluded when we won’t even take the time to promote each...

Famed Musician Rossy Returns to Madagascar

  10 September 2007

Rossy's back! (Fr) Harinjaka writes that Rossy, a.k.a. Paul-Bert Rahasimanana, arguably Madagascar's most famous musician, is back in his native country, which he left for France following the violently contested 2002 presidential election. Hari also posts a video of Rossy's newest release.

Liberia: Millenium Villages Project in Liberia

  10 September 2007

“I have it from an unimpeachable source that the controversial Millennium Villages project is coming soon to Liberia, probably first to Kokoya District, Bong County, and later to somewhere in the Southeast, per the president's request. The proposal is still in draft form,” writes Liberia Ledger.

South Africa: Blogging the Digital Citizen Indaba

  10 September 2007

Simone Purteman writes about the Digital Citizen Indaba taking place in South Africa: “For an event which focused largely on blogging, a search using various blog aggregators and Google hasn’t turned up all that much yet from bloggers on yesterday’s Digital Citizen Indaba session. Perhaps too much Rat & Parroting?”

D.R of Congo: War affecting Gorilla protection efforts

  9 September 2007

There is a very fluid situation unfolding at the Virunga national park in Congo. The Congo war is spreading into the protected Gorilla sector in the Virunga mountains, which is now under the control of the rebels. The blog Gorilla Protection is following the situation and posting regular updates. The...

South Africa: Blogging reaches tipping point

  9 September 2007

Arthur posts statistics for the South African blogosphere: “Incidentally, a quick nod to Vincent Maher for the best guesstimate around on the size of the South African blogosphere. He recently put it at about 20 000 blogs.”

Deforestation in Ghana & What China can learn from France?

  7 September 2007

In these times of globalisation and world trade, the challenge of how to protect the environment while ensuring increased economic growth appears to be a problem facing many countries. In this article we offer glimpses of this, first in Ghana through the post ‘Sweet ‘n Sour’, and in China in...

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