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Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from August, 2009

Nigeria: The Okocha debate is unnecessary

  21 August 2009

Should the former member of Nigerian national team, Austin Okocha return to the team? “I can't believe we are actually having a nationwide debate on the merits or otherwise of having former skipper Austin Okocha return to the Super Eagles!”

Africa: Maker Faire 2010 announced

  20 August 2009

Emeka writes about Maker Faire 2010, which will take place in Nairobi, Kenya: “As a follow-up to the invigorating inaugural Maker Faire Africa 2009. The organizing team has announced a number of initiatives to harness the momentum and energy felt at the Accra event.”

Mauritania: A New Era?

  20 August 2009

Following a coup d'état a year ago, the election of the coup's leader, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to the presidency, and the country's first-ever suicide bombing in early August, Mauritania continues to experience massive changes.

Zambia: Chiluba is acquitted

  19 August 2009

A Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has acquitted former Zambian president Federick Chiluba over corruption charges he was facing: “According to the judgment, the acquittal was based on the fact that the prosecution team failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt on all counts against the former president.”

Kenya: Lion-saving Art Takes Shape

  19 August 2009

The pride of Kenya Campaign, being touted as the biggest event in Kenya's conservation calendar this year, has been picking pace and excitement has been building. The Pride of Kenya is a campaign – coordinated by the Born Free Foundation – to raise awareness about the plight of the declining...

South Africa: Connect with Highway Africa

  19 August 2009

Connect with Highway Africa on social media networks. Highway Africa is the world’s largest gathering of African journalists in South Africa discussing journalism and new media: “With only three weeks before all these exciting conversations take place in Grahamstown, we would like to encourage you to connect online with other...

Zambia: Aren't existing media laws enough?

  19 August 2009

“Aren't existing Zambian media laws enough?,” asks Zambian blogger Gershom Ndhlovu: “It is difficult to understand on what basis the government wants to enact a law to regulate the media.”

Zimbabwe: Media Commission Update

  19 August 2009

An update from Sokwanele regarding Media Commission in Zimbabwe: In terms of the Constitution the President must make all key appointments in consultation with the Prime Minister…It is hoped that the matter will be concluded expeditiously without further objections and obstacles, as there can be no registration of new media...

Africa: The Africa Knowledge Transfer Partnership

  18 August 2009

CareerNigeria has a post about The Africa Knowledge Transfer Partnershio (AKTP): “The Africa Knowledge Transfer Partnership (AKTP) is among the world’s leading initiatives helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and expertise…”

Ghana: The emergence of Ghanaian movies

  18 August 2009

Mighty African celebrates the emergence of Ghanaian movie industry: Ghanaian movies are starting to gun for awards. Revele Productions’ ‘Run Baby Run’ has been the most successful movie to date while Agony of the Christ picked up a bunch of nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAAs).

Ghana: Maneno at Maker Faire Africa

  13 August 2009

Miquel writes about Maneno and Maker Faire Africa: “This Friday (the 7th), I head down to Accra, Ghana on behalf of Maneno. This trip has many purposes. First off is for me to see Ghana for the first time. Secondly is to meet up with the local blogging scene, learn...

Mali: Visiting Malian villages

  13 August 2009

American blogger in Bamako writes about her experiences while conducting a survey in rural Mali: We left around 8:30 in the morning (I knew even then that this was way too late of a start). We walked 1km to the moto taxi junction and waited for a moto taxi. Eventually...

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