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Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from June, 2008

Nigeria: Are Nigerians abroad more “human”?

  15 June 2008

Adeola discusses the treatment of Nigerians at home and abroad: “Why do the foreign embassies respect Nigerians living abroad but disrespect Nigerians at home? Why are they more relaxed with their visa application rules with the same Nigerians abroad than at home? Are Nigerians abroad more human than Nigerians at...

South Africa: Scholarships for Highway Africa 2008

  15 June 2008

Highway Africa announces scholarships for practicing journalists: “Highway Africa has a limited number of scholarships for practising African journalists who are keen on learning and using digital media. PLEASE NOTE THE EMPHASIS ON PRACTISING JOURNALISTS.”

Malawi: Going back to Malawi

  15 June 2008

Malawian blogger says “Goodbye Sweden”: “Time came when I came. Time has gone and I should be gone back to Malawi after two years of great stay in Örebro, Sweden. It has been a time well spent. Numerous experiences both good and bad.”

Africa: Managing democracy in Africa

  15 June 2008

OCI discusses democracy and politics in Africa: “Managing democracy in Africa is an uphill task and will remain a mirage unless there is a genuine effort by African leaders to go beyond selfishness and dishonesty to make policies that are people oriented; until then Democracy will remain a Mirage in...

Kenya: Jobsearching using mobile phone

  15 June 2008

Ethan writes about Kazi560, a jobsearching service via mobile phone in Kenya: “Unemployment is a major problem in Kenya, especially in informal settlements. A creative solution, called Kazi560, is having great success matching blue-collar workers with jobs via SMS. If you’re a laborer, you can spend an amazing amount of...

Africa: Harubuntu 2008

  15 June 2008

Emeka writes about a competition for African creators of hope and wealth: “The tagline of the Harubuntu competition ‘there is value in this place’ signifies its intent to “publicise the ideas of dynamic Africans who are creating important projects which both foster hope and create wealth”

Zimbabwe: In the words of the people

  15 June 2008

In the words of Zimbabweans: “Can someone help As I am writing this mail there is massive killing of people for political affiliation reasons, destruction of houses and ploughing down of crops in Mutambara Gonzoni area. Can anyone please help STOP this wave of political violence.”

Cape Verde: Teenage, pregnant and banned from school

  14 June 2008

The close-knit Cape Verdean blogosphere has launched a campaign against a school decision to ban a student girl on the grounds of "childbirth". An online petition demanding a special framework for pregnant girls at school, which has been organized by the bloggers, is rapidly growing in support.

Cape Verde: Close to making history

  13 June 2008

Will the basketball national team in Cape Verde make history?: “As many of you know, Cape Verde will participate in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Athens, Greece. They will compete against teams from 11 other countries, all of the silver and bronze medalists from the regional competitions last year.”

Nigeria: MTN is robbing their subscribers

  13 June 2008

Yomi rants against MTN, the mobile telephony company in Nigeria: “This rant will be brief and pointed. Subscribers to MTN’s unlimited data plan pay N13,500 monthly to connect to the internet 24-7. Subscribers are required to pay this fee on or before the 8th every month. However, by some rogue...

Africa: African Fashion Revolution

  13 June 2008

“It's is an African fashion revolution,” declares Ladybrille: “Some few thoughts: First, African designers need to start calling their Ankara dresses “vintage,” [ you laugh] Second, they need to treat Ankara as “high-end.” Don't wait till the West calls it high end before you know it is [you laugh but...

Nigeria: The Nollywood Convention

  13 June 2008

Ladybrille writes about the Nigerian movie industry: “The Nollywood Convention, produced by the Nollywood Foundation Inc., a non-profit headquartered in Los Angeles, California which attracts A-list Nollywood celebrities like the aforementioned, directors, producers and key industry players in Hollywood and Bollywood is also receiving a makeover.”

Zimbabwe: MDC General Secretary arrested

  12 June 2008

Crackdown on the opposition in Zimbabwe: “MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti has just been arrested at Harare International Airport upon arrival”: this is a short press release just received via email. We don’t have any more information than this at the moment, but as soon as we do we’ll let...

Blogger witnesses whales beaching in Madagascar

  11 June 2008

The mass stranding of at least one hundred melon-headed whales were reported in the mangrove of Antsohihy Bay (Northwest region of Madagascar) in the first week of June. Harinjaka and the non-governmental organization Fanamby were among the first to report (fr) and publish photos (mg) of this ecological disaster. The...

Uganda: Media crackdown

  11 June 2008

Moses Paul writes about media crackdown in Uganda: “Government has set up a special ministerial taskforce in what appears another move by the state to muzzle the media. This is not the first time hardline elements in President Museveni’s government have mooted unconstitutional machinations to clamp down on the independent...

Zimbabwe: Operation pull down your satellite dish

  11 June 2008

The ruling party in Zimbabwe hates satellite dishes!:”The Zimbabwean government has announced the beginning of yet another operation designed to oppress the people of Zimbabwe. Under Operation Dzikisai Madhishi (Operation pull down your satellite dish) the regime is forcing Zimbabweans to pull down their home satellite dishes through which the...

Ethiopia: Ogaden, Ethiopia's Darfur?

  11 June 2008

Dr. Ethiopia blogs about Ethiopia's troubled Ogaden region: “Modern Ogaden is a place where its people are being used as target practice for Ethiopians soldiers. A place where journalists are scarce. Journalists, in the past, have been accused of aiding and abetting the enemy (The Ogaden people).”

Madagascar: why is Africa deprived of the UEFA European Cup ?

  11 June 2008

While the football world is enjoying the UEFA European Football Championship, many countries in Africa are restricted to watching 8 tournament games. Jentilisa, blogging from Madagascar, explains that the number of games to be broadcasted was decided by AFNEX (African Network and News Exchange) who bought the rights to the...

Do not let poverty become the landscape

  10 June 2008

Kianda (from Angola) and Khanimambo! (from Brazil) are some of the blogs participating in an across-borders blog campaign: “Do not let poverty become the landscape”, conceived by Isto inclui-me (This Includes Me, from Portugal) [pt – all links].

Botswana: Nata Village gets an internet cafe

  10 June 2008

Nata village in Botswana gets an internet cafe: “Hallelujah!!! We are 120 miles from a bank and a grocery store but we're getting an internet cafe. Pictured above is the small addition to the Nata Post office. Thanks to Post Net, the government postal service in Botswana, we are getting...

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