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Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from November, 2005

Voices from Zimbabwe Plus

  29 November 2005

The people of Zimbabwe gave the ruling ZANU-PF and indeed all forms of purposeless politics their boldest affront to date as very few Zimbabweans turned up to vote during the senate elections held over the weekend. At some polling stations, only 6% percent of eligible voters showed indicating the undisputable...

Gabon: elections

  28 November 2005

Chippla's Weblog reports on the Gabon elections which took place yesterday. President Omar Bongo is expected to win. He “is the longest serving ruler on the African continent, having been in power for 38 years”

Ethiopia: US

  28 November 2005

Ethiopundit writes on the recent state violence in Ethiopia and the complicity of the US as exporters of arms to the Ethiopian government. Arms which are then used on Ethiopian citizens and opposition leaders…..”The War on Terror must be fought with vigor and determination but Ethiopia seems to have slipped...

Burkina Faso: microcredit

  28 November 2005

Timbuktu Chronicles writes about a successful micro credit scheme at work in Burkina Faso.…”As a member of this credit union network, Jacqueline got a first loan of 430,000 FCFA (C$1,000) in 2000. She duly repaid the loan. This gave her a higher credit rating. In the next three years, the...

Cameroon: Solar light & WiFi

  28 November 2005

Afromusing writes about a recent initiative in Cameroon that links a solar street light with WiFi and network technology which she suggests could go hand in hand with the $100 computer launched at this years WSIS. One comment on the post is worth mentioning. “It sounds like a good initiative,...

Zimbabwe: election apathy

  28 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe writes about the lack of participation in Zimbabwe's elections….“I can’t help but be reminded today of the words of Elie Wiesel, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986: “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”. Perhaps mugabe should take note of our apathy...

Africa: anti-corruption

28 November 2005

Africa Unchained suggests adopting a “bottom-up” anti-corruption strategy for African countries

SA: Rape victims paid off

  28 November 2005

Mzansi Afrika reports from South Africa on a rumour that rape victims are being offered financial compensation by families of rapists in lieu of them reporting the rape to the police. “because a lot of people are poor due to unemployment, particularly young people, families of victims often accept the...

Uganda: Museveni dictator?

  28 November 2005

East African Peripetatic notes that there is no difference between a Ugandan soldier and a Ugandan policeman….”To a lot of people hearing that there is every signs to believe that the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is a dictator has been a taboo.But now here everything is under soldiers. Now,...

Senegal: Hissene Habre

  28 November 2005

Senegalise blog SEMEtt comments on the recent detention in Dakar of former Chad President, HISSENE HABRE. The Court of Criminal Appeal in Senegal has yet to rule on his extradition which leaves the whole matter in the hands of Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade.

This week in the African Women’s Blogsphere

28 November 2005

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and marks the beginning of 16 Days of Activism on violence against women and children in which women and their organisations organise activities around the world aimed at ending gender violence. Some African women bloggers have been...

Nigerian blogoshpere this week

  27 November 2005

Jangbalajugbu-Homeland Stories posts on the Global Voice workshop, “Expression under Repression”. He felt honoured as he says: I am glad I attended the sessions as I was able to see some things I have been taking for granted as regards blogging. I was also able to meet Rebecca and Ethan...

Nigeria: SMS campaign

  25 November 2005

Timbaland reports on his excitement at being asked to do an SMS campaign for his local church

Ethiopia, Eritrea military build up

  25 November 2005

Friends of Ethiopia reports the UN is threatening acton against Ethiopia and Eritrea if they do not reverse their military build up. If either nation refuses they could face sanctions.

Mzansi Afrika: new bloggers

  25 November 2005

Mzansi Afrika introduces us to two new bloggers for the site….”Rethabile of Sotho and Soul South will be joining Mzansi Africa. I am delighted to have him on board. Welcome Rethabile, I look forward to your contribution”.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe and Bush

  25 November 2005

Zimbabwean Pundit posts out the ongoing war of words between Mugabe and Bush……..”In a public battle of wills, Mugabe continues to blame the sanctions for the rapid contraction of Zimbabwe's economy. Bush on the other hand insists the sanctions are not intended to harm Zimbabwean people”

Zimbabwe: South African pilots

  25 November 2005

This is Zimbabwe has a humorous take on the news that Zimbabwe will be helping to train South African pilots….Terrorizing flyovers of Johannesburg. Use old jets with noisier engines. Backed with before-after public opinion research on the increase in fear…and there is more.

Western Sahara: Mariem Hassan

  25 November 2005

SoundRoots introduces Mariem Hassan and the Sahraoui musical tradition “Hassan lived in a camp for 26 years, raising her five children there. A rare interview at World Music Central gives more insight into her life and her music. And for more on her people's story, check out Sahrauis: The Music...

Kenya: Referendum

  25 November 2005

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman adds her thoughts to the Kenyan Blogosphere discussion on the Constitutional referendum.….”And the Oranges have it!! To all you English history freaks out there, you can do your historical comparisons another time…(although, apropos of something else altogether, I did always wonder, meandering to South...

Diaspora: vengeful acts

  25 November 2005

Musings of a Naijaman reflects on “ghettos and revengeful violence” by bringing together discussions over the recent Paris riots and the possibility of them being replicated in Germany and Spain, the recent killing of a policewoman in the UK, amnesty for terrorist acts in Northern Ireland and the whole issue...

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