· August, 2005

Stories about Sub-Saharan Africa from August, 2005

Lesotho: Sweet children

  26 August 2005

Sotho blogs about the origins of the word “lipompong” among the children of one of the least developed countries in the world.

South Africa: Sinking together

  26 August 2005

“You are sinking, President Mbeki,” says Africa-related blogger Bosse, of Bosses Blog, regarding the South African government's response to mass demolitions in Zimbabwe.

Africa-focused blogger on Pat Robertson

26 August 2005

Black River Eagle at Jewels in the Jungle comments on reactions to TV evangelist Pat Robertson's comments about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Maghreb Blog

A group of enthusiastic bloggers from the Maghreb world; that consists of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania; have launched a new project under the name of Maghreb Blog. This group blog mainly discusses news from across the region, common issues and more, in an attempt to promote the Maghreb...

Blog Day 2005

  26 August 2005

Sometime in June of this year Israeli blogger Nir Ofir had a realization: the date 3108 (or August 31st) looks suspiciously like the word “Blog.” He had also become increasingly aware that as more weblogs from around the world make their way onto the internet, the more we get stuck...

The World Reacts to Robertson

  25 August 2005

In the global chatter about U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson‘s remarks calling for the assasination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (for which he later apologized), there is much reflection on religious extremism – and the extent to which it is tolerated in various countries. Calvin Ng, a Malaysian Christian, condemns “Mad...

Zimbabwe: Opposition leader goes ‘back to masses’

  25 August 2005

Zimpundit asks if opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has seen the light with his plan to travel around the country soliciting the views of ordinary people on how to remove the government of President Robert Mugabe from power.

D.R. of Congo: Girls in armies

  25 August 2005

Congo Girl picks up on a Save the Children report that 12,500 girls are currently involved with both government and non-government troops in the D.R. of Congo, but are seen as “wives” and camp-followers, and are rejected by both their former communities and rehabilitation programs for child soldiers.

Chad: Call for prosecutions

  25 August 2005

Human Rights Watch reports that the Chadian government has promised to remove all the henchmen of former dictator Hissène Habré, and calls for their prosecution.

Botswana: Air travel in Africa

  25 August 2005

M (Thinker's Room)gives an account of his flight from Nairobi to Botswana, including a few tips for the airport authorities in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwe: Growing Chinese influence

  24 August 2005

Zimpundit says it took a while to dawn on China that the West's prosperity was built on a network of colonial power, but that Beijing is catching on fast now.

Zimbabwe: Unreal sense of calm

  24 August 2005

Still Here – Bulawayo, at the Sokwanele Civic Action Group, blogs from amid the comfort of electricity and running water about a growing sense of unreality as “untold suffering” continues.

Uganda: The lost generation

  24 August 2005

Bruno Stevens, at Human Rights Watch, posts a photo essay from time spent with Ugandan “night commuters”; children who stay constantly on the move and sleep rough to avoid being taken by a rebel group called the Lord's Resistance Army.

Sudan: Aid flights halt as fuel runs out

  24 August 2005

Sleepless in Sudan reports that the World Food Programme's aid delivery flights in and out of the troubled region of Darfur are grounded because there's no fuel to run them, leaving local workers unpaid and key equipment languishing in the capital.

Ethiopia: Former rebel leaders

  24 August 2005

Nazret.com‘s blogging of a BBC program about rebel leaders who win control of African countries stimulates a passionate debate in the comments section.

Nigeria: Journalists against AIDS

  24 August 2005

Black Looks highlights the work of an organization in Nigeria called “Journalists Against AIDS”, and provides a breakdown of HIV/AIDS statistics in that country.

Kenya: Quotations from women

  23 August 2005

“As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” For the author of these lines, and for other quotations from influential female writers, see Mshairi.

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