· May, 2010

Stories about Niger from May, 2010

Niger: Saving lives with text messages

  14 May 2010

Niger is currently experiencing food crisis that threatens more than half of the country's 14 million people. The United Nations has called for urgent humanitarian action. One blogger for Concern US blogs, Amanda McClelland, reports about a program using text messages to distribute emergency cash to the most vulnerable women in 160 villages in the country.

Niger: Niger's paper eating goats

  11 May 2010

Do you know the paper-eating goats of Niger?: “I noticed that inhabitants of Niamey ate a lot of grilled goat or sheep meat. A friend invited me to one of these joints where I savoured African-style barbecued goat. Since I was in Niamey to cover the food crisis which also...

Niger: Niger back in the news?

Is Niger back in the news because of reports of famine? Not really: “Niger isn’t in the headlines. It’s barely ever been in the headlines. It got a couple of weeks of coverage in mid-2005, courtesy of a BBC camera crew who visited an MSF feeding centre in the east...