· July, 2007

Stories about Namibia from July, 2007

Namibia: Namibian rugby online

  30 July 2007

Namibia Forum on Namibian rugby website: “It was about time: NamibianRugby.com has finally become a reality for all those eager to follow the developments in Namibia online.”

Namibia: volunteers needed to work on Namibian Cuisine Wiki

  24 July 2007

The Namibian Cuisine Wiki has not content. Gerard calls for help:”Now with enough visitors to my little blog here to at least fill a smaller coffee table each week, I thought it might be a good idea to get you folks a bit involved in “fleshing out” this Wiki a...

Namibia: website to build community and preserve local history

  24 July 2007

Rob comes across a website designed to build community and to preserve the history of Oranjemund, a town in Namibia: “Mike has created the site to preserve the history of Oranjemund and also to allow present day and ex-Oranjemunders to take advantage of a fully functional forum and allow old...