· September, 2010

Stories about Malawi from September, 2010

Malawi: Literacy beyond reading and writing

  8 September 2010

Steve Sharra's analysis of literacy in the context of Malawi”: “Obviously a basic meaning of “literacy” starts out as learning how to read and write, and in Malawian discourse, the type of literacy most commonly heard on the street and across the airwaves is “Adult Literacy”…”

Malawi: When Will Network Problems End?

  7 September 2010

Victor complains about network problems in Malawi: “It is annoying to be prevented from benefiting from an ATM service at the Auto-Teller Machine just because there is a network problem with the machine.”

Africa: Homophobe Tourism

  4 September 2010

Africa needs a new category of tourism: Homophobe Tourism. “Come to Uganda, watch Martin Ssempa talk about “poo-poo!” Come to Nigeria, watch the legislature restrict touching! Come to Malawi, watch the judge sentence the gay and the transgender!”