· May, 2009

Stories about Malawi from May, 2009

Malawi elections: Upending the pundits’ predictions

  25 May 2009

With the elections over and the incumbent president Bingu wa Mutharika sworn in for his second and last term, Malawian bloggers (Mabloga) are awed by two developments that went against the predictions of many, especially the punditry. First was the suggestion that the presidential contest would be very close. It...

Malawi: Time to heal campaign bruises

  23 May 2009

It is time for Malawi to heal 2009 campaign bruises: Mutharika said it was time for Malawi to heal “bruises of a gruelling campaign” and focus on developing the country. To prove his commitment to this endeavour, the president assured the opposition and all Malawians that he will not practice...

Malawi: Bingu wa Mutharika Leading

  20 May 2009

Bingu wa Mutharika is leading in the presidential election in Malawi: “Partial Electoral Commission (EC) results announced at 10:30am today show Bingu wa Mutharika, presidential candidate for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the May 19 elections, leading against hottest contender John Tembo.”

Malawi: Twittering Malawi Elections 2009

  19 May 2009

Seven candidates are running for president in the fourth presidential elections in Malawi, including the incumbent Bingu wa Mutharika for the Democratic Progressive Party and the main opposition figure John Tembo, standing for the opposition coalition. Voters are also choosing their members of parliament. Anyone interested in the elections can follow updates from Malawian micro-bloggers.

Malawi: Listen to Malawi Election Bloggers

  19 May 2009

Malawians are currently voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections. A group of Malawian bloggers were trained by PenPlusBytes, an International Institute of ICT Journalism in collaboration with New Media Institute to monitor and comment on the elections using blogs, twitter and mobile phones. Let's take a look at their blogs, which are hosted on The African Elections Portal. The African Elections Portal provides comprehensive election related information on the various countries in Africa.