· February, 2008

Stories about Malawi from February, 2008

Malawi: Competition in the mobile phone industry

  28 February 2008

Austin Madinga writes about competition in the mobile phone industry in Malawi: “In the past few years, Malawians have witnessed cut throat competition between mobile phone operators Celtel Malawi and TNM Limited in terms of marketing, promotions and roll out of value added services. Users have also joined in with...

Is President Bingu Malawi's “Moses”?

  26 February 2008

Some artists read the times and strategise accordingly. A popular song titled Mose wa Lero by Joseph Nkasa makes many Malawians sing along even if they did not want to because of the way the artist has related the biblical Moses to Malawi's president Bingu wa Mutharika. In the song which is on Mutharika's blog, the artist Nkasa says Mutharika has led Malawians move out of Egypt where they had hunger and different problems.

Malawi: How I met my Valentine

  13 February 2008

Malawian blogger, Victor Kaonga, shares a personal story about how he met his “Valentine”: “I regard myself as someone who does not like sharing much information about myself but for the past few months I have been reflecting over the importance of sharing personal stories and experiences.”

Malawi: The truth about Kamuzu Banda

  13 February 2008

Felix discusses the first president of Malawi, Dr. Kamuzu Banda: “I have been keeping my ear on the ground since the dictator extraordinaire officially known as Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda aka the Lion King of Malawi died hoping to hear the final truth behind him.”