· November, 2007

Stories about Malawi from November, 2007

The Mobile Web and Compulsory HIV Test for Malawi

  10 November 2007

Malawi's Internet users have this year been experiencing new trends as now they can access and browse from their mobile phones and homes. This is an initiative by the fixed line service provider (Malawi Telecommunications Limited) and two mobile phone service operators, Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) and Celtel Malawi. Malawian blogger, Mile, has welcomed this initiative with a post titled ICT Development in Malawi.

Malawi: Insanity on the roads of Lilongwe

  8 November 2007

Madinga blogs about insanity on the roads of Lilongwe: “These devices were placed there with the aim of brining sanity to the roads of Lilongwe. Unfortunately there are a few cowboys and cowgirls on the roads who have great disrespect for these expensive traffic regulators.”

Malawi: Fairer cyberwaves, female journalist bloggers

  4 November 2007

A recent phenomenon in the Malawi blogosphere has been the growing presence of women journalists setting up blogs. Not too long ago a search on Blogger.com for Malawian blogs turned up virtually no women bloggers from Malawi. That has since changed. In this write-up we follow four Malawian women journalists...