· March, 2007

Stories about Malawi from March, 2007

Malawi: Malawians are talking, are you listening?

  24 March 2007

Victor Kaonga publishes an article about blogging, Malawians turn to the blogosphere, in the Sunday Times and Nyasa Times, “When a young Mzuzu-based Malawian by the name of Mangaliso Jere died on January 18 this year, the number of non-Malawians who learned of his death probably surpassed that of Malawians...

Africa: potential uses for twitter

  24 March 2007

Soyapi Mumba discusses the potential uses for Twitter in Africa, “So the launching of Twitter provides a good alternative considering that the use of mobile phones is much higher than that of computers. In Malawi for example, there are about 50,000 Internet users against about 700,000 mobile phone users out...

Malawi: redefining wealth

  18 March 2007

Victor Kaonga asks, “Is Malawi really poor?”: Isn't Malawi rich in human resources-some of which are helping keep the Westerners in good health? Aren't Malawians rich in cultural diversity and depth? The natural vegetation and animal life is marvelous and some of it unique to Malawi. Isn't Malawi beautiful through...

Malawi/Ghana: We are all Ghanaians

  12 March 2007

In “We’re all Ghanaians: Reclaiming Pan-Africanism for the African Renaissance,” Steve Sharra writes: In Malawi we have every reason to join the Ghanaians, and the entire Pan-African world, in celebrating Ghana’s jubilee. As Walusako Mwalilino reminds everyone on the Malawi listserv Nyasanet, it was in Ghana that Malawi’s first president,...