· November, 2006

Stories about Malawi from November, 2006

Malawi: lottery on mobile phones

  30 November 2006

“Earlier this year, Pay265.net launched their e-Wallet concept that would allow Malawians make payments via SMS and email when implemented. Now, the African Lotteries Company Limited (AFLOT) is looking for a company to operate on its behalf, an SMS/mobile phone lottery service that can enable the general public to play...

Malawi: Malawian windmill

  28 November 2006

Hactivate has a moving story about a windmill in Malawi, “The windmill stands on a tripod of wooden polls about five metres above the ground. It consists of locally-available materials and as far as he can remember his investments were K500 for two bearings, K500 for a bicycle dynamo, K400...

Malawi: redefining development

  24 November 2006

Afrika-Aphukira redefines development in Malawi, “Ten or so years ago I would have interpreted ‘development’ in a specific way: the sprouting of new, big and tall buildings, and new tarmac roads, in Malawi’s cities, towns and rural areas. In the last six or so years I have come to think...

Malawi: open source software from Malawi

  8 November 2006

With a light touch, Soyapi Mumba writes about free software developed in Malawi, “Fortunately, in the software world, with special thanks to free and open source software licences and the Internet, it is hassle-free to get software developed from Malawi. Within seconds, you can have an application downloaded and running...

Africa: taking orphans to the West

  3 November 2006

Jackfruity writes, “It's a horrifically crass thing to joke about, but here at Jackfruity we're all about crassness (not to mention ending clauses with dangling prepositions), so I'll go ahead and say it: if I had 100 shillings for every time I've been asked to take a Ugandan child back...