· October, 2006

Stories about Malawi from October, 2006

Malawi: Madonna and child

  23 October 2006

Madonna and little David: the debate continues, “Then again, my concern remains with this little boy who has been thrown in a mix of affairs between a poor father with no means and a foreigner with more than enough to offer. There is nothing wrong with adoption so long as...

Malawi: innovative use of SMS in Malawi

  22 October 2006

Mangaliso's World writes about innovative use of SMS applications in Malawi, “Observing carefully at the market cellular phone operators Telekom Networks Malawi is leading the way on added sms services initiatives. Theservices span from agriculture sector to your personal convinience.”

Africa: Madonna adoption debate

  22 October 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman has a Madonna opinion,”And wouldn’t you be disappointed if I didn’t? As you can probably imagine, the whole set-up is ridiculous and absurd as per maoni yangu. The boy has a father. He may not be a celebrity, a star or white, but he...

Malawi: Madonna, Malawi, and Baby David

  19 October 2006

Reacting to Madonna's adoption of a Malawian baby, Afrika-Aphukira writes: “For Mr. Yohane Banda, who had never heard of the pop diva Madonna until she visited Malawi last week to adopt his 13 month-old son David, the closest he could relate with the material girl was the word Dona, meaning...

Malawi: the state of radio industry

  12 October 2006

Ndagha writes about the state of radio industry in Malawi: “To think that Malawi had only one radio station in 1993 and then 18 today could be taken as a big develepment in the Malawian mind!”

Africa: power and politics in Africa

  2 October 2006

Jamaa Poa posts a feature article, The Strong Shall Always Be the Weak, by Onyango Obbo, the Nation Media Group’s managing editor for Convergence and New Products: “The authoritarian politics of the likes of Banda, which was the rule in most of Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, also gave...