· September, 2006

Stories about Malawi from September, 2006

Africa: renewable technologies

  28 September 2006

Africa Unchained writes, “Karekezi, S…surveys (PDF) the dissemination of renewable technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa…and attempts to evaluate the potential for these technologies to meet the energy needs of Africa’s poor…“

Africa: Moving on from the digital indaba

  25 September 2006

Meskel Square on “Moving on from the Digital Indaba“: “Overall it was a huge success. One way of judging that is to look at all the discussions that are still carrying on in posts and comments and Technorati links. The discussions started with the race debate which I now wish...

Malawi: Software Freedom Day

  16 September 2006

Soyapi Mumba on Software Freedom Day in Malawi, “In Malawi, the event is being organised by LinuxChix (Malawi) and Malawi Open Source Society (MOSS) and will include presentations on various Free and Open Source Software topics to be followed by an Install Party.“

Malawi, Development, Technology

  13 September 2006

Soyapi Mumba writes about a new service introduced by the Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi, which enables customers to know how much they need to pay using SMS.