· April, 2006

Stories about Malawi from April, 2006

Malawi: struggles for independence

  28 April 2006

afrika-aphukira writes on WEB Du Bois and the Malawian struggle for independence. “Today, there is little evidence in Malawi, let alone other African countries, of the ideals that Chilembwe, DuBois and other pan-African leaders fought for a hundred years ago. The Malawian school curriculum has contained a sanitized version of...

Voices from Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes

  17 April 2006

Zimbabwe: This is Zimbabwe is involved in a battle of semantics with Eddie cross after the former published this post which questioned some of the numbers put forth by the latter in this post after the MDC congress in Harare. Said Eddie Cross in response to the criticism, We are...

Malawi: Presidential money laundering

  10 April 2006

Anti-Bakili Muluzi – Malawian blog, reports that the ex President Bakili Muluzi is expected to be arrested on his return from the UK for money laundering crimes.