· February, 2006

Stories about Malawi from February, 2006

Malawi: Indigenous language and education

  23 February 2006

Tuesday 21st of February was National Mother Language Day. Malawi blog Afrika-Aphukira discusses his country's policy on education and language in primary school and concludes that bi-lingualism is the best option.

Voices from Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes

  20 February 2006

Zimbabwe: Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), a civic action group looking out for the welfare of Zimbabwean women, held their third annual valentine's day protest march. This is Zimbabwe blogged that flyers promoting the march brought Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo, to a standstill days before the event. This is Zimbabwe's...

Malawi: midwife story

  13 February 2006

Babycatcher is a midwife working in Malawi who chronicles her daily experiences with mothers and babies in Lilongwe, Malawi….”This morning I found the aunt with the little one wrapped to her back, just a tiny head peaking over the chitengi. He is so frail. I fantasize about watching him transform...

Malawi: mental colonisation and food

10 February 2006

Afrika-aphukira discusses food as a measure of the level of mental colonisation which can be seen by the different foods Malawians eat at home and what they eat outside. “In our homes, we eat foods such as nsima, beans, mfutso, masamba otendera, nsomba, among many others, while in our hotels...

  9 February 2006

Musengeshi Katata comments (FR) on Amely-James Koh Bela's book on African prostitution in the West at Forum Realisance: “Can one really defend values that are everyday assaulted and eroded by poverty? … Without a battle against poverty including against western exploitation and the depravation of African economies, without a protracted...

Malawi: board games

1 February 2006

Soyapi Mumba points to a new online Malawian shop where you can buy Bawo (called Ayo in Nigeria) “a popular Malawian and African” board game.