· February, 2007

Stories about Madagascar from February, 2007

Madagascar: Expulsions in France questioned

  28 February 2007

(courtesy of sarkostique) Stemming from ongoing racial tensions and amplified by the riots of last summer, fear of immigrants led the French ministry of homeland security to crack down on illegal immigration. Immigrants of Malagasy origins were also affected by the new emphasis on expelling any immigrants without proper accreditation....

Madagascar: A Win-Win Solution to Deforestation

  14 February 2007

Harinjaka posts and cites (Fr) a video by CommerceEquitable.com: “[The organization] … decided to create the cooperative Equimada which put in place a project of tree planting coupled with an equitable commerce project. The project seeks to create an economic alternative to deforestation. This encourages peasants to plant trees rather...

What is Madagascar to Americans?

  2 February 2007

Malagasy aty California explains (Fr) Americans’ challenges with Madagascar's geography: “I often had to confirm that Madagascar is not close to the Middle East, that it is not a city, not in Europe and mostly that people don't speak Spanish there … Don't expect a correct answer when you ask...

“Made in Madagascar” Labels in the USA

  1 February 2007

At group blog Malagasy Miray, US-based contributor Malagasy aty California explains (Fr): “When I go shopping, it is generally to cope with homesickness. So I … look scrupulously for tags that say ‘Made in Madagascar’. When I lived in Cincinatti, I looked for those in vein.. [But .in California] ‘Made...

Madagascar: High Speed Internet is Here

  1 February 2007

Harinjaka had this to say about high speed internet in Madagascar (Fr): “The information technology market is exploding in Madagascar …IT Companies hire a lot here … because high speed internet is now available all over the country. 2006 was marked by the quest for high speed internet. Websurfers of...