· December, 2006

Stories about Madagascar from December, 2006

Madagascar: The First Indian Ocean Musical Network

  22 December 2006

El Sono Mondial announces that (Fr): “A seminar about financial management of cultural enterprises specializing in music (organized by the International Organization of La Francophonie) took place last week [in Madagascar] … The participants discussed creating the first Indian Ocean musical and cultural network.“

Madagascar: No Christmas Songs

  18 December 2006

Says Harinjaka, (Fr) Malagasy artists haven't put out any chistmas compilations this year probably because of elections. But the blogger proposes an exploration into a forgotten music form, the zafindraony of which he posts a clip. The key to the proper execution of this music? Sing off key and while...

Madagascar: Samoosa? Sambosa? Sambos?

  13 December 2006

Mad de Madagascar delves (Fr) into the history that brought samoosas (however spelt and prounouced in the region) to the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius) from India. The blogger then offers a video of a French chef's recipe and adds that in Reunion, cousins have emerged made with cheese or...

Madagascar: Alafia

  9 December 2006

L'Odyssee de Tattum just discovered the band Alafia of which she writes (Fr): “With more than 300 concerts in tow, Alafia is a presence at numerous festivals … Alafia's sunny sound is partly inspired by malagasy rhythms such as Malesa and Salegy, but it is first and foremost a melting...

Madagascar: Incumbent Winning Election

  6 December 2006

Says Harinjaka of last Sunday's presidential election (Fr): “No surprise indeed … Ravalomanana will be reelected hands down by an electorate that was not particularly passionate about the event. Across from him were candidates who lost in advance and whose ballots were sometimes not even distributed to the voting booths...

Africa: Japan and Africa

  5 December 2006

Africa Beat writing about Japan and Africa: “Did you know that Ethiopia once “looked East”…to Japan. Or that in Madagascar, an early attempt to gain independence was prompted not by Western liberalism, but by a desire to pursue Japanese-style economic development?”