· October, 2006

Stories about Madagascar from October, 2006

Madagascar: 2nd Lit Classic Available Online

  30 October 2006

Actualite Culturelle Malgache is working on making available through its blog (Fr): “A novel published in 1897 and authored by Adolphe Badin, Une Famille Parisienne a Madagascar Avant et Apres l'Expedition [A Parisian Family in Madagascar Before and After the Expedition ].” The blog explains: ” Of course the text...

Madagascar: Local Lit Classics Available Online

  28 October 2006

New blog Actualite Culturelle Malgache [Malagasy Cultural News] plans (Fr) to make malagasy historical texts available online and will email the first such offering — Charles Renel's La Race Inconnue [The Unknown Race] — to anyone who asks. La Race Inconnue is a collection of short stories written during colonial...

Madagascar: Among the Top Third for Freedom of the Press

  26 October 2006

Blogin'i Harinjaka writes (Fr): ” Madagascar is 66th in the global ranking of freedom of the press established by international non-governmental organization Reporters without Borders. … 66th is not among the very first but it is not bad considering the country iis ranked in the first third.”

Global Warming in Madagascar

  22 October 2006

Lakes Region, Madagascar. Photo by Claude Springer. After seeing Al Gore's film on global warming, Malagasy blogger Aiky from group blog Madagascar Croissance, reflected this week on the effects of global warming in his country, stirring up debate among commentators to the blog. Rainfall, Hurricane and Letchi Harvest Dans l'état...

Consumerism in Madagascar

  3 October 2006

Madagascar Croissance muses on consumerism in Madagascar: “Madagascarans are fond of clothing and hi-tech products…the affluence of Chinese stores in Behoririka and the shopping centers show that despite all the apparent poverty, everyone likes to induldge themselves and hide their misery in a blanket of materialism.”