Stories about Lesotho from April, 2006

Lesotho: Racism

  24 April 2006

Sotho comments on a recent post by Idland on racism against the Chinese population in Lesotho...We have so far only considered the moral and common-sense aspect of the issue. There’s an economic angle. Carrying out hate crimes (if that’s what they are) against foreigners will only: * invite potential investors...

Lesotho: technology and democracy

  17 April 2006

Sotho writes on democracy and technology and asks “Imagine Steve Biko blogging”?. Would we have been indifferent? Judging by the number of people who frequent popular blogs, I doubt it. More of us would have listened more intently. And perhaps more of us would have done something.

Lesotho: HIV campaign

  10 April 2006

Msansi Afrika comments on the “Know your Status” HIV/AIDS campaign launched by the government of Lesotho…”The ‘Know Your Status’ campaign will not succeed without your willing participation. Get tested, and encourage your friends to get tested, too.”

Sotho reports on a speech given by a Black woman on London's Underground….“Wake up, people! You must get involved otherwise the world is going to pot, starting with poor countries. We live in the same world, yet we don’t share it’s resources equally….”