· January, 2011

Stories about Kenya from January, 2011

Africa: Tackling Africa’s Classified Listings Space

  5 January 2011

Tackling Africa's classified listings space: “The only other classifieds system that has made a dent in Africa is Kerawa, operated out of Cameroon. They have thousands of listings in quite a few countries. They’ve done this over the last 3 years, bootstrapped and growing organically.”

Africa: Young Women Lead Africa's Tech Scene

  4 January 2011

Young women across the continent lead Africa's tech scene: “Africa is a rich mixture of countries and ethnicities and its women are equally diverse in their leadership. I found it interesting to take a look at some of the women who were noted in 2010 in tech and media.”

Kenya: Farewell Kenya's “Wikileaks”

  3 January 2011

Farewell Mars Group Kenya, the Kenyan equivalent of Wikileaks: “While the world awaits the release of more cable from Wikileaks, some unfortunate news comes from Kenya where the equivalent of Wikileaks – the anti-corruption watchdog Mars Group Kenya – inexplicably took down their website in mid December.”