· May, 2006

Stories about Kenya from May, 2006

Kenya: We Media

  10 May 2006

Kenyan Pundit posts a piece on the Africa session of the recent WeMedia event in London. Wilfred Kiboro was also on the panel and she posts an audio clip of the event.

Kenya: Mid air scare

  9 May 2006

You Missed This reports on a Kenyan airways mid air scare that took place yesterday. The plane was on it's way from Nairobi to Dar-es-salaam. (the plane) “went through a terrifying ordeal that forced the pilot to land back In Nairobi barely 10 minutes after take off”.

African Music #8

  9 May 2006

I recently had a discussion with a friend about fair trade and it threw up some deep questions about African music. Who really owns the rights to the recordings? Who brokers what? How connected is the artist to his/her audience market? Is the music industry inherently complex? Is this solely...

Kenyan Blogosphere Dispatch

  9 May 2006

We begin this roundup with a very cute video by the GV Swahili bridge-blogger Ndesanjo, he shares this video in his post on video blogging. It is of a young boy playing Bob Marley Songs like ‘Get up, Stand up’. He will be doing a Swahili series giving step by...

Voices of African Women

  8 May 2006

Afromusing continues her excellent reports on solar power in Africa. She has opened up her blog to take questions on alternative energy in Africa and here she answers a question from Mshairi on when will the high costs of installing solar panels come down. Yes, the time is drawing near...

African Diaspora: Hard times for Africans in France and Belgium

Several francophone blogs have tackled African immigrants’ latest tribulations in France and Belgium. Choosing Immigrants Le Pangolin criticizes French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest round of immigration policies. The blogger sees Sarkozy’s approach as a diversion from the real social issues raised by protestors of the CPE [Youth Employment Law]....

  5 May 2006

Kenyan Villager writes on discovering computers and technology in the 90s and his recent venture with blogging…”One latter-day event was the dicovery of the blogging world in late 2005 and that's why you are reading this post….. One of these days I will try to upload a photograph. A safari...

Kenya: Sexual offences bill

  5 May 2006

Kenyan Pundit adds her voice to the commentary on the Sexual Offences Bill presently being debated in the Kenyan parliament. In particular she provides a legal perspective on the Bill.

Europe: racism in football

MentalAcrobatics writes on racism in European football and points to a newly formed group “the African Council” based in Berlin, Germany who plan to “publish a guide warning about areas where there have been racist attacks”

Kenya: Source of the Nile

  3 May 2006

Uganisha has an interesting post on the source of the Nile and gives a brief summary of the searh by explorers, Richard Burton and John Speke in search of a “great lake in the mountains of the moon”, from where the Nile was said to originate.

Broadening Blogging in Africa by Radio

  2 May 2006

Some members of the audience may have been sceptical – “blogging is too complex… where is the power for the connection, the internet is still a luxury” was the comment of one listener – but the BBC World Service Radio programme Network Africa showed that blogging in Africa is a...

Kenya: Sexual Offences Bill

  2 May 2006

What an African Woman Thinks also comments on the Kenyan draft Sexual Offences Bill and writes her comments in list form which leaves her “all over the place and nowhere in particular.”

Kenya: Sexual Offences Bill

  2 May 2006

The draft controversial Sexual Offences Bill presently being debated in Kenya is the subject of much discussion in the Kenyan blogosphere. Gukira comes down firmly against the bill and posts his reasons.

African women’s blogsphere this week

  1 May 2006

African women have been blogging about the important Kenyan Sexual Offences Bill which members of parliament are currently deliberating. The bill seeks seeks tougher penalties against rape and has been raising heated debate both within and outside the blogsphere. On her blog Afrofeminsta has been providing updates on the bill....

Kenya: No means No not yes!

  1 May 2006

Au Lait writes about the recent comment by a Kenyan member of parliament during the debate on the Sexual Offences Bill that when women say no they mean yes.….”We (yes we women) are not going to stand your braindead, chauvinistic disrespect for women. Y'all better look for a time travel...

Kenya: Going home

1 May 2006

Bankekele has advice on how to travel to his home town in Kenya, what you need to take with you and what to expect once you arrive…”