· August, 2010

Stories about Guinea from August, 2010

West Africa: Drug Traffickers and Politico-Military Dictators

  30 August 2010

The UN assistant representative in Africa against drug trafficking Cyriaque Sobtafo recently stated that west Africa is now the hub for cocaine trafficking. Many countries are affected and the sudden death of the son of Dadis Camara generated many speculations about the possible involvement of drug dealers in the event.

Guinea: At Long last, a Date for the Second Round of the Presidential Elections

  14 August 2010

On August 9, Guineans breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that the President of the transition, General Sekouba Konate had signed a decree for the second round of presidential elections to be held on September 19. Charges of fraud launched by 23 of the 24 first round presidential candidates pushed the initial dates back until the charges were sorted out.

African Thinkers on the Origin and Relevance of Ethnic Identity

  12 August 2010

In a year loaded with elections in Africa, ethnic identity has always been lurking in most political conversations. Still, many African thinkers argue that ethnicity was never a prominent issue until colonization began. They also argue the current and future relevance of ethnic identity on the continent.