· April, 2006

Stories about Guinea from April, 2006

Some Excerpts from West African Blogs

  27 April 2006

Gambia Dictatorial rule of Yahya Jammeh of Gambia–Home of the Mandinmories“Gambians are bleeding from excessive taxation. They are bleeding from the debt burden that is incurred in their name and siphoned off to overseas banks in some of the greatest corruption debacles that has occurred since independence…There's the literal blood,...

Africa: European Double Standards on Corruption

  16 April 2006

While the EU prepares to impose sanctions on Bielorussian authorities who allegedly committed election fraud, says (FR) Generation Consciente, “numerous African dictators [who commit election fraud…] consistently visit Europe without difficulty while freely managing their personal affairs[…].”

Guinea: political crisis

  13 April 2006

Black Star Journal has a post on the political situation in Guinea where the reformist Prime Minister was recently sacked and trade unions have been on strike over low wages.

Musings from some West African Blogs

  12 April 2006

Chippla’s Weblog muses about nepotism in a prose titled: The Minister’s Son. The setting of his narrative is Nigeria. Here is an extract: “I asked why the Internet connection at the office wasn't working. They said the contract had been given eight months ago. I asked to whom the contract...