· April, 2012

Stories about Ghana from April, 2012

Ghana: Shinning Light on Akan/Twi Movies

  18 April 2012

African Movie Critic shines light on Akan/Twi movies from Ghana: “I have always said local movies in both Ghana and Nigeria (e.g. Yoruba movies) ALWAYS seem to have a better story line. Why is that? Is it because the actors and actresses are able to perform better and let the...

Ghana: Tourism Sector Urged to Speak Against Violence

  3 April 2012

MadinGhana urges Ghanaian tourism sector to speak out against election violence. Ghanaians will go to the polls this year: “It is time business leaders in the private sector speak out, especially those in the tourism/export services sector which would be one of the most devastated if election violence erupts.This sector...