· April, 2011

Stories about Ghana from April, 2011

Ghana: The Day I Detonated My Twitter Account

  26 April 2011

Ghana based blogger Fiona Leonard writes about the day she detonated her Twitter account: “I signed up for a trial of one of those automatic follower programs. Despite my trial lapsing somehow the autofollow lingered and I ended up with 7,500 followers, the majority of whom were pure spam.”

Ghana: Film Review: Adams Apples

  23 April 2011

Jemila reviews Adams Apples, a 10-chapter movie series created and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso, which follows the lives of the Adams women – four 21st century cosmopolitan Ghanaian women.

Ghana: Bloggers React to Demeaning and Misleading Article

  15 April 2011

On April 8, 2011, Ghanaians came across a very demeaning and disgraceful article titled “Inside the criminal world of Ghana's e-mail scam gangs” by Thomas Morton, which got featured on the CNN website. Ghanaian bloggers consider the journalist to be completely uninformed and biased.

Ghana: “African Woman” by Ghana's Afro Pop Queen

  1 April 2011

Jemila writes about the latest video from Ghana's Afropop Queen, Becca titled : African Woman: “You know Circumspect couldn't pass this one by. Check out her other vids too; she has such a unique and authentic flavor and def love how she reps her African identity!”