· January, 2011

Stories about Ghana from January, 2011

Africa: This is Africa website

  31 January 2011

Kajsa discovers This is Africa website: It is a spanking fresh culture site that trumpets “Africa for a new generation!” and sports subheadlines like “city life”, “music” and “art&fashion”.

World: Free and open source software for academics

  26 January 2011

Kajsa attended a lecture by Joshua Kwesi Aikins as a part of a two-day lecture series for graduate students at Institute of African Studies at University of Ghana where free and open source softwares for academics were recommended.

Ghana: GMT means Ghana Man Time!

  26 January 2011

Do you know Ghana Time?: “Jokes abound about lateness – GMT stands for Ghana Man Time – and there is an assumption that nothing will ever start on time. And yet sometimes I wonder whether things don’t start on time because people are late, or because the attendees know that...

Ghana: 10 Do's and Don'ts of Accra

  24 January 2011

10 do's and don'ts of Accra, Ghana: “Don’t shake hands with the left hand. Also, don’t eat with the left hand. Always use the right hand when dealing with people and showing directions, Don’t be a fan of taxis in general whiles staying in Accra rather, opt for the cheapest...

Ghana: An African Election: A Documentary

  9 January 2011

An African Election is a documentary based on the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana that looks behind-the-scenes at the complex, political machinery of a third world democracy struggling to legitimize itself to its first world contemporaries.

Ghana: Python African Tour comes to Ghana

  8 January 2011

Python African Tour is in Ghana: “Python African Tour (PAT) is an exciting African open source technology initiative aimed at promoting agile programming languages, mainly Python, among Africa's tech communities.”

Ghana: Ghana 2010 – My Top 10 Memories

  3 January 2011

Tagoe shares memories of 2010 with his readers: “5. South Africa shames critics, Asamoah Gyan disappoints Africa: In June-July South Africa, proved its critics wrong by staging a very colorful and memorable World Cup. This was the very first time an African nation had organised a world cup event…”